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What a beautiful world we live in. It’s only for a few years now that I am able to see more and more of it. Counting over 35 countries that I’ve visited, that gave me some experiences to look back to.

But with all the travelling the responsibilities came. How can I make a difference for all the people I meet and see abroad?

For my believe one of the ways to make a differene is by meeting them, listening and sharing their stories worldwide. Cause when we know more about each other we mostly are more positive towards each other.

So that’s my mission. Helping people getting to know each other even if they are completely different. And what would be a better way to do this, then through music right!

Van Mick Minoza Zebra

My music is mostly electronic dance music as it is the most internationally known music. Hope you can feel the vibe of it. Just make sure you check out the most connecting music on the planet.

For bookings or interviews feel free to contact me through the contactform or by e-mail towards I love to get in contact and am open for new ideas and inspiration.

“Let’s meet
our antipodes
and celebrate
our existing”